Learn How to Square Up a Quilt

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After you have pieced together your favorite quilt blocks into a beautiful quilt top and quilted. it’s time to finish the prep work for binding. That means, square a quilt, after you created a quilt sandwich, truing you topper and quilting things together.

Square up a quilt

Taking the time to do this prep work can transform your quilt from a homemade “nice job” to a stand-out, professional project. One of the most important steps is to true, or square up, the quilt as you complete it.


Materials Needed:

    • Square Up Quilt Laser 
    • Square quilt ruler (any size, but in general the bigger, the better)
    • Straight edge cutting ruler
    • Rotary cutting tool
    • Rotary cutting mat
    • Complete quilt sandwich components – top, batting, backing
  • Step 1: Square a Quilt

    To true the quilt top, you’re going to make sure that all the corners are at 90-degree angles and all of the edges straight, even lines.

Here’s how:
    1. Lay out your quilt on a large table or cutting surface so that it’s well supported and one side isn’t pulling it down off the table. Arrange it so that the bottom right corner of the quilt top is on your cutting mat, with room around the edges.

    Tip: You can fold or bunch up the rest of the quilt top to keep it on the table at this point, just make sure you’ve got a large, smooth surface to work with in this corner.

    2 . Position your Quilt Laser and straight edge cutting ruler on top of the corner of the quilt top, lining it up so that the outer edges of the ruler are in position to the laser guide, to give you a clean corner on the quilt top.

    3. Place your square cutting ruler directly on top of your straight-edge ruler, so that you can clearly find a clean corner that is neat and straight. Adjust both rulers as needed with the Quilt Laser in order to find the perfect corner placement – you’ll use this as your cutting guide, so the edges of your ruler will become the new edges of your quilt top.

    Square up quilt laser

    Tip: with the Quilt Laser make sure the fabric edges of your quilt top line up with or extend beyond the edges of your ruler – you don’t want them slipping under it or else your newly-cut lines won’t be even.

    4. Use your rotary cutter to cut along the right edge of your rulers, as far as that ruler will allow you to go.

    5. Move your quilt top so that the top right corner is in position on the quilt laser light, and repeat steps 2-4 to cut a straight, clean corner in this position.

    6. Move your quilt top accordingly so that you can continue to cut the straight line between the bottom right corner and the top right corner, using your quilting laser, straight-edge ruler and rotary cutter. Move the quilt top as you go, continuing that line from one corner to the other, until the whole right side of your quilt has a straight edge.

    7. Repeat these steps with the bottom left and top left corners.

    8. Straighten out the top and bottom edges of your quilt, as in step 7.

    Square up your quilt sandwich and then you will be ready to bind the finished quilt.

    Find your perfect straight angle with the Quilting Laser HERE

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