Improve your quilting skills with your sewing machine.

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I will do everything that is in my hands to help you improve your skills with your sewing machine.
I know many students and understand quilting needs practice. Please don't give up. I will provide you with my website a list of videos you can check to do the best of your new quilting rulers. 
Let's have fun and embrace our love for quilting.

quilting rulers

Choose your style.

The decorative template rulers give you the freedom to express yourself as a quilter, always keeping symmetry on the design.
Make sure when using the templates, hold the ruler from the edges and not making to much pressure from the top of the ruler.
On the butterfly, follow the lines, as shown in the following video.

Explore one idea at a time.

The beautiful inside shape templates offer you ample options for quilting, and I explored the possibility as a template for fuse the fabric on the quilt and them quilting the shapes all over the quilt. 

One last thing.

Go beyond your limits, use the decorative rulers to create new designs, as shown in the videos. Combine them with free motion and practice, practice practice. 

Copy and keep this list of videos you will love! (some of them are in Spanish or English) 


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