How to sew with Cork Fabric

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Here's the deal: it's not very different from sewing any other fabric. I find that a size 80 Universal needle, regular thread, and the standard presser foot on my sewing machine works just fine.

Cork fabric

If you have your eye on some leather patterns, keep in mind that most things you can make out of leather can be made with cork, and an added benefit is that you don't have to fit your pattern pieces on irregular skins the way you do with natural leather. 

To cut out the cork fabric, you can use regular scissors or a rotary cutter . I find it helpful to mark my cutting lines on the back of the fabric, which takes pencil or chalk very well. Avoid pinning cork fabric As with vinyl or leather, avoid using pins because perforations and holes can be obvious.

Use small craft clips to hold the pieces together instead. It's much faster than applying tape and easy to adjust as you go. 

Go ahead and iron

Cork fabric presses like other fabric, but the seams won't stay pressed. If you want your seams to stay crisp, you may need to topstitch.

The backing on cork fabric adds quite a bit of stiffness, so you may not need to do any interfacing. But if you do want to add a fusible interfacing, it can ironed on just like other fabrics. Use the synthetic setting on your iron and press just enough to adhere the interfacing. 

Trim away bulk

Because cork is very sturdy, you may want to remove any unneeded fabric. As you sew, you can trim away the corners to reduce bulk. On the other hand, leaving the excess fabric in can create some structure in your project. It's up to you!


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