How to make a weighted blanket easy

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Do you ever want to have one of those therapeutic quilts to calm and relax after a stressful day? Or have someone in mind who needs a weighted blanket? Join me in a new and exciting step by step, doing a unique quilt to wrap you up. 

If you’re a troubled sleeper, you’ve probably heard of the newest insomnia-fighting trend: weighted blankets.

Weighted blankets are just what they sound like ― blankets that are heavier than your average bedding. But, how exactly does a 25-pound blanket helps sleep better?

Most weighted blankets have pellets sewn into pockets of the lining to give them their bulk, usually between 10 and 25 pounds. The blanket’s pressure evenly distributed across your body, which some research suggests can provide anxiety and stress relief for those with sleep problems.

The feeling of a weighted blanket is supposed to mimic the pressure of being hugged or held, which is why weighted blankets have been used for years in occupational therapy, particularly for kids with autism. 

So, how heavy should your weighted blanket be to get a good night’s sleep? Experts recommend that your coverage should weight about 10 percent of your body weight, but be sure to consult your doctor before using one. 

weighted blanket

You will need:

  • Two yards of each fabric 45" x 78", one solid and other coordinated printed color
  • Coordinated polyester thread
  • Poly pellets (calculate 10% weight of the body)
  • Poly stuff bag 
  • Chalk or soluble marker
  • Straight long ruler
  • Scissors, pins sewing notions

Sewing machine and accessories.

Plastic Container and Plastic cup

How to make a weighted blanket easy

Step 1 - The pockets 

  • Fold the fabric in half, then, again and again, to have six long pockets.
  • Make marks with an erasable pen or chalk.
  • Place the top fabric onto the backing wrong side together, and using straight stitches, sew along the five lines.
  • Then make marks lines across the width to complete the squares; usually, you get eight squares along with the height of the quilt depending on the length of your fabric.
  • Sew three sides, making a big bag. Leave the backing a little bigger than the top to fold the hem and turn it to the top.


    How to make a weigthed Blanket


Step 2 - Filling with pellets.

Calculate the total amount of pellets (10% of the weight of your body minus the total weight of the fabric)

Divide the total amount by 6, and that number divided by the number of pockets in the line (usually eight pockets).

Start filling the first line of pockets with pellets and a small quantity of poly stuff to block the Pellets and give some soft structure to the quilt.

Sew along the first mark to close the pockets making sure with your hand that the pellets are not going underneath the needle.

Repeat the process until the weighted blanket is full of pellets/poly-stuff and close the far side of the big bag.

Other options

Making your weighted blanket could be challenging, especially if your sewing machine is not industrial size. Try first making one for a child (recommended for older than eight years old) and then for yourself.  I do not recommend going for a Queen or King Size by yourself, instead, look for the Adorable Weighted Blankets I have for you here.

I tried the Minky for the back, Fleece, and quilt fabric 100% cotton. The Minky has a lot of lint, son the problems are when cutting and sewing on the machine. Also, those Minky fabric are not straight and can give more difficulties for marking.

If you decide to use real beans instead of Pellets, forget about washing the blanket! By the way, the slow setting in your washing machine is the best way to do it.

The Adorable Click Weighted Blankets are ready to enjoy a relaxing nap.

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