Bernina setup for ruler quilting

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For quilting on the sewing machine, it is necessary to prepare it. Since it is usually the machine that directs the movement and in “free” quilting, it is we who are in control of the action.

Prepare the configuration
On the BERNINA machine, you can customize the functions to make quilting easier and focus on what matters, your quilt.


Let's look at this screen video on my BERNINA790 and follow the instructions.

  • Place the foot number #72
  • Set the speed delimiter to maximum
  • Place the plate in a single hole.
  • Lowering the drag teeth
  • Needle stop down
  • Stop Floating Foot
  • Program the pedal to control the up/down needle with the foot heel on the control pedal.

The quilting rulers on your BERNINA machine must have a thickness of 1/4" thick to make contact with the #72 ruler foot for free-motion quilting. By contacting the ruler and presser foot, they will guide your movements to give you confidence in the sewing lines.

A good custom is to lift the bobbin thread so that it is visible above. Thus avoid the knots and tails of the threads that may hinder padding. Remember that it should look as beautiful on the front as it is on the back of the quilt.

Avoid the typical frustrations of twisting thread cutting, starting with a new needle and a durable polyester thread. Since the sewing speed is usually sustained and continuous, the thread strands tend to warm up and may suffer cuts and interruptions in your quilting.


In this video, I use the flower ruler to make figures and how technique is also padded freestyle of loops or bows to connect one character with the other.

I created this ruler my own, and I been teaching classes on how to use the rulers for free motion quilting. The inside shapes make the quilting easier.

If you like to give the ruler work a try,  check the link HERE and I can send the ruler kit to you.

Make sure it fits your machine. I always can help you to choose the right size for the model of your sewing machine.

Check my Decorative Quilting Ruler Kit HERE and start finishing your quilts at home.



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  • These are the best rulers ever. They are easy to use and your Quilting comes out beautiful. Thank you for all the great tutorials and for sharing all your knowledge.

    Cathy on

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